Monday, November 25, 2013

Sweet, Spicy Winter Yum!

Do you like foods with some spicy heat? I do! 

One of the foods I love is Dagoba's Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate. It's flavors are rich and complex-- to me, it tastes nutty and chocolatey, cinnamony and maybe a little fruity--and it really has heat to it! I'd describe the heat level as medium-to-hot. This deliciousness comes in both a spicy chocolate bar, as well as the drink. The first time I was served this, it was served with a whole cinnamon stick garnishing the mug of chocolate, and a huge blob of real whipped cream on top. Over-the-top luscious and satisfying, and it warms you up so well! This item can be found at Whole Foods and other fancy-food markets, as well as online. 

Yesterday I stopped by the regular grocery store to get some breakfast ingredients, and came across International Delight "Vanilla Heat" coffee creamer. I bought this to add to my morning coffee and ended up drinking three cups, which I never do! It's got a nice little kick to it. I'd describe it as mild-to-medium. I also want to try it in my favorite tea, which is Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy Tea. This tea is wonderful and smells like a cinnamon broom. I used to get it at the Good Earth Restaurant in Northridge, California, where I went to college and had a lot of study dates with classmates... they served it iced with orange slices in it. So good. For twenty years I have loved this tea. It's delicious with creamer in it too, especially International Delight Amaretto, which I used to see everywhere but now is not sold at any of the grocery stores near my house. I always try to convert people to this tea and most people love it, but I've heard some really odd feedback on it, like "Smells like feet" and just last week a coworker of mine left me a post-it note with a picture of a butt and the words "your tea smells like ass" on my cup. But obviously, these people are crazy! So I will be trying this delicious Vanilla Heat in my tea tonight.

Since these coffee creamers actually contain no cream or milk and are basically made from chemicals, I am also going to try this great-looking recipe for a homemade spicy-hot vanilla creamer flavored with cayenne

 I will report back.
-Dani Wendy