Friday, November 13, 2015

There's no War on Christmas

Christmas doesn't mean presents to me though nothing pleases me more than a smile on the face of someone I just gave a heartfelt to.

Christmas doesn't mean shopping to me though I love love love Black Friday. 

Christmas doesn't mean Merry Christmas or happy holidays or merry festivus though I say all three to whomever I choose. 

Christmas doesn't mean cheesy Hallmark movies to though I watch them practically every day like they're going extinct. 

Christmas doesn't mean red cups or festive cups or snowflakes on cups though I will spend a tiny fortune on seasonal flavored coffee drinks because they're tasty. 

Christmas to me means giving, laughter, faith, family, FRIENDS, love, twinkling lights, the joy and magic of Santa, Jesus' birth. 

This is the one time of the year I have consistent faith. There's so much good during this season. Do I wish families and veterans and seniors were adopted year round? Absolutely. But it's so lovely to see open hearts and giving even if it is just once a year. 

I have a couple friends that I've just recently had the pleasure of becoming extremely close with. Best friend close. Learning their life story has been such a privilege as well as an eye opener. Never in my life have I met two stronger people. The amount of shit life has given them is absolutely ridiculous. But they're both strong and beautiful and loyal and I've simply never been prouder to call two people my family as I am them. They are what Christmas means to me. Love, courage, faith, resilience, friendship. 

There's no "War on Christmas". There's just you and me. Look beyond what you think is right in front of you. Volunteer. Open your heart. Let it snowball. Be the change.

- Dawny Wendy