Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pleasantly surprised...

I'm typically a skeptic... in most things in my life. When they announced that the cast of A&E's Longmire series was planning to come to Buffalo, Wyoming; no way - not happening... they might SAY they are coming, but they aren't. They are big Hollywood types... they've got a life outside of their series and there's really no way they are going to spend precious downtime with us. 

Let me back up a little bit - 
Longmire is an A&E TV Series based off of a local writer, Craig Johnson's book series.  While the books are fiction, many of the stories and locations, names of towns etc. are based off of Johnson County, home to those of us that live in Buffalo Wyoming. 

A few weeks before the 2nd Annual Longmire Day's - posters of the event started popping up all over town. The brewery was asked to provide a special brew for the occasion and a place for the Poker Run to start and finish.  There was to be a horseback ride (with cast members) a skeet shoot (with cast members), a softball game with locals and the cast. A pancake breakfast, press conference and a street dance... finished off with one of the cast members doing stand up comedy at the famous Occidental Saloon. 

Come on seriously people? Are you all still buying this??

By last account they had 5 of the 7 main characters confirmed... uh huh, sure. 

Well holy hell... we show up to the VIP party out at HF Bar, a local dude ranch and there's none other than Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire) relaxing on the adirondack chair with a drink in her hand.  Are you sure that's her? She doesn't have a golden essence illuminating her being...  she doesn't have sequins or even make up on... where's the paparazzi? 
Nope- sure enough; it's her.... beautifully natural, crisp and clean - an actual human being. 
Huh? Who would've thought! 

Within the next glass of wine or two... Katee Sackhoff (Vic), Robert Taylor (Sheriff Walt Longmire) and Adam Bartley (the Ferg) meld in to the crowd. 

Now, three glasses of Pinot in, I'm ready to make a fool of myself and get some photo's with these folks- it's not every day you get to go to a VIP "star-studded" event in Wyoming!  Not to mention I DID have makeup on - never waste good makeup. 

What gracious folks we were rubbing elbows with. They were all so down-to-earth and real. Maybe it was the setting, but honestly it was a real treat to meet these folks. Because it was a small group of sponsors and a few select city officials, it was a very relaxed setting. No pushing or shoving or waiting in line. 

But where in the world is the "hottie"? The hottie? You know... Branch... Branch Connally - aka Bailey Chase. Oh wait... there he is! Pearl button shirt, jeans and flip flops - with his beautiful wife on his arm. 
Another super nice person. 

I didn't personally get to meet Louanne Stephens (Ruby), but she was at the Occidental during the Karaoke/Story-telling time - rounding out the cast that was able to attend. 

Okay okay enough bragging about my experience... but honestly I am so thrilled for this town, and personally thrilled that we had such a fun-filled weekend with this cast. Our Chamber of Commerce did their very best to pull off a huge event in a short time frame - while there will be lessons to learn from the weekend was a total success and a huge economic boost of our community. 

I'm glad I was so wrong about "Hollywood" types.
I'm also grateful and full of respect for this cast of actors... we (as in this town) put them through 3+ days of a very grueling high pressure schedule. I'm hopeful they will come back next year. 
While I'm not generally a star-struck fan, the genuine demeanor of these people might change that. 

Now - if only La Bamba (aka Lou Diamond Phillips) can make it next year.. from what I hear from his fellow cast-mates he's a real class act. Happy Anniversary Lou! 

Signed - The Brewery Bitch (aka Mary Wendy)

MJ and I with the Author Craig Johnson -

Rob & Chris with Robert Taylor (aka Sheriff Longmire)

Myself, "the Ferg", photo-bomber and MJ 

Bailey & I

MJ, Ida, Cassidy and I.

Bill, Katee and I.

Gents at Clear Creek Brewing Co for a few minutes of respite on Saturday night. 

And last but most certainly not least- me with my super-star! 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My expectations for a great school year

So every year before the first day of school, I write the boys a letter. It's the same letter, with relevant additions from year to year. I give them the letter as they go to bed the night before their first day back. I saw something similar on The Huffington Post the other day so I decided to share mine as well. 

Dawny Wendy

P.S. Kudos if you recognize my family's favorite geeky quotes at the end. 

I can't believe you're going into 7th grade. Every day you amaze me, inspire me, and make me laugh. I love seeing glimpses of the man you'll be someday. 

I want you to wake up every morning and realize your blessings. Life is hard, school is hard. Not everything is fair. But it's all yours for the taking. It's all available to you if you apply yourself and know you CAN do it. 

But I also want you to know, need you to know, that life isn't about you. Life is about caring and sharing and helping/serving others. It's about KNOWING right from wrong even when it's difficult. It's standing up for others and your own beliefs even when it hurts to do so. 

I was the kid picked on at recess, the kid picked last, the kid laughed at, the child sitting on the side of the playground lonely. But I never helped or stood up for the other picked on and lonely children either. I wasn't brave enough, I didn't have the confidence. 

I challenge you this year. I challenge you to stand up for others, to stand up for what you know in your heart is right. It might hurt. It might get you teased as well. But doing something like that anyway? That's called bravery. And you just may make a lifelong friend. 

I don't expect you to be perfect. I don't expect you to make straight A's, always be on the honor roll. 

I expect you to be kind. I expect you to be honorable. Be brave. Be compassionate. Be empathetic. Be exactly who you want to be and who you want others to be. Treat those around you with respect, especially your teachers. Treat your intelligence with respect as well. It's ok to be smart, to be labeled a nerd. It's not about WHAT you love, it's about HOW you love. (Credit to Wil Wheaton) But above all? Be yourself. Someday, the world will be thankful for that. 

I love you more than any words I could possibly ever tell you. You're the most important and precious gift I ever gave to myself. I love you always. Always. You're the biggest pain in my ass but the entirety of my heart. Know that every single day. Know that no matter what, I always have your back. I always love you. 

Live Long and Prosper. Be a big damn hero. Be the optimist. Be the dreamer of improbable dreams. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are. Until you find something to fight for, you settle for something to fight against. And above all else? Shop smart, shop S-mart. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So there's this hole.......

In my backyard.  It's kinda big and it's been there since we moved in. I think it's just like a sink hole which is kinds disturbing because its close to the foundation of the house but that's a whole other issue!

Last night I was out watering the grass because we killed most of the backyard by spraying weed killer on a ton of weeds that popped up! KK was for sure it wouldn't hurt the grass and I woke the next morning to dead everything! So then KK said if I just water it a ton it will grow back so I have been!

So annnnnnnnyway I ran out to turn off the sprinkler, fell in the hole, and because I had to go pee really really badly I PEED MYSELF!!!! So not right but oh so funny!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Whatta Month!!!!!

So the month of July flew by with lots of things happening and life changes!  I know! I know! I talk about change a lot while still feeling sis....But I turned 40!!!! 40! I'm 40!! It doesn't seem possible. I remember being in my 20's looking at women in their 40's thinking I can't wait to be that together, that confident, that comfortable in my own skin. Now I am here and I still feel like that 20 something gal!
The Princess and I in our matching tops for my 40th Birthday Adventure

Let me go back a bit before I dive into that! July! It's a busy month with lots of birthdays for my family and friends. We planned a couple of adventures but most importantly Gami came to visit for the entire month. The Punkies adore Gam. The love they have for her melts my heart and it brings back memories of the love I had with my Grandparents.  But I have to admit I REALLY, REALLY LIKE my Mommy. I mean most people love their Mom but I also really like her and enjoy spending time with her. We laugh and understand each other so completely!And this visit we found each other saying the exact same things at the same time! FREAKY!!!
This is the kind of thing Mommy and LOL about!

 So I was really excited she was going to be here for the month.  While she was here my baby brother had a crisis, her Bestie had a crisis, and  of course she had to check on The Rog several times a day and field whatever crisis he was having. It hurt my feelings that she would take their calls and text all day with them when she was here.  It was my time and when they are there in FL visiting I don't hear anything from her.  Meaning I don't cut into their time.  So I was a little bent out of shape(I told you I still feel 20 something most times!) But then my Bestie reminded me that my relationship is different with my mom, that she knows and expects me to be strong, take care of myself and my family-cause that is what I have always done.  So after a lot of But....But..... I heard what D was saying and decided to put the bratty girl feelings away and appreciate that my Mom thinks I got this and be happy that she is the kind of person who loves so BIG.  I know that is where I get my BIG feelings from and I love that about myself.
We adore Gam! So glad she could spend the month with us

So 40.....I was expecting it to be big and life changing.  I thought I would be sad and feel like I haven't done what I should have by now. was actually ok.  I had a great day with Mommy and the Punkies.  We laughed a lot, we had an adventure, we played....It was a great day.  The next morning when I went in to get the Bigs up, Bu had smeared feces from one end of his bed to the other. And it hit me.....I'm doing exactly what I am suppose to do. Parenting the Punkies is not easy.  I adore them, I want to give them every possible chance of a great life, I want them to feel loved and safe, I want them to grow into amazing people that live their lives to the fullest.  Bu can't handle fun and being able to make his own choices. I eased up to much the day before and this was his way of telling me he was afraid and that I had let him down.  My Mom had seen how far things had changed with Bu...I think she thought I was blowing things out of portion on the phone about him...again I was glad she was here, being a witness for my life, validating me and cheering me on! 40 was coming in like a lion and I felt like "I got this"!
Zo looking dapper in his pimplicious birthday hat

Tater went with a DJ Lance hat

Sis was the Hello Kitty Princess

Gam was also a pretty princess

And Bu...well he stated true to Bu form! KK was really glad she had to work and not wear a hat for my birthday!

Next up the Princess turning 5 and us spending the week in Seaside. Last time we were in Seaside the Bigs were awful! So I had a game plan to hopefully make them feel safe and in control of their surrounding and it was a great week! Cold as f#&*! But we had a great time with very little poor choices! So again I felt like we(kk and I) were doing something right!!! 40 was looking goooood!
In front of the Seaside sign

Happy 5th Birthday my Princess Love!

So Mom has gone home.  It was hard to watch her go into the airport to leave. The Punkies are sad and acting out.....But 40's not looking bad.  I am looking forward to the year.  Making the changes I need to make for me and becoming that confident, comfy in my own skin gal!
I'm a true believer in Mom's are super heros and we tuck our capes into our yoga pants while we run to keep our families moving! I hope to live up to my alter ego and feel good in my 40 year old skin! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sometimes Pinterest is more than recipes

I'm a lazy Pinterest-er. I pin recipes thinking they'd be great for dinner. I pin fandom-y merchandise in hopes of buying them one day. I pin seasonal decorations because I'm sure I'll add them to my yearly Halloween or Christmas "pretties". 

Then I started seeing all these great mommy and kid ideas for bonding. Now, to know my children and myself, we're pretty damn close. But I've always vowed to myself that they will never for a second doubt that they are 1) single handedly the most important people in my world, 2) no matter what life throws at them one person will always have their back even if I don't agree with them, and 3) that their hopes and dreams are as important to me as they are to themselves. So I started pinning all types of parent and child activities. 

Hands down, the best one thus far is the Mommy and Me notebooks. I bought simple quarter notebooks and decorated them with leftover scrapbooking materials. The gist is we write back and forth leaving the notebook on the others pillow once finished. 

They're SO much fun! I thought the boys would get bored with them but they're enjoying the books as much as I am. Some days we just write jokes, other notes are sappy, a couple are me chewing their butts for whatever crappy thing they may have done. They tell me about their day and/or their wishes for our family. It's become more than a tool in parenting and communicating, it's become something the three of us genuinely look forward to participating in and receiving. It's become something that I will keep and cherish and then one day, when they have their own home, they can read them and know they're never alone and always loved. 

- Dawny Wendy