Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So there's this hole.......

In my backyard.  It's kinda big and it's been there since we moved in. I think it's just like a sink hole which is kinds disturbing because its close to the foundation of the house but that's a whole other issue!

Last night I was out watering the grass because we killed most of the backyard by spraying weed killer on a ton of weeds that popped up! KK was for sure it wouldn't hurt the grass and I woke the next morning to dead everything! So then KK said if I just water it a ton it will grow back so I have been!

So annnnnnnnyway I ran out to turn off the sprinkler, fell in the hole, and because I had to go pee really really badly I PEED MYSELF!!!! So not right but oh so funny!

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