Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pleasantly surprised...

I'm typically a skeptic... in most things in my life. When they announced that the cast of A&E's Longmire series was planning to come to Buffalo, Wyoming; no way - not happening... they might SAY they are coming, but they aren't. They are big Hollywood types... they've got a life outside of their series and there's really no way they are going to spend precious downtime with us. 

Let me back up a little bit - 
Longmire is an A&E TV Series based off of a local writer, Craig Johnson's book series.  While the books are fiction, many of the stories and locations, names of towns etc. are based off of Johnson County, home to those of us that live in Buffalo Wyoming. 

A few weeks before the 2nd Annual Longmire Day's - posters of the event started popping up all over town. The brewery was asked to provide a special brew for the occasion and a place for the Poker Run to start and finish.  There was to be a horseback ride (with cast members) a skeet shoot (with cast members), a softball game with locals and the cast. A pancake breakfast, press conference and a street dance... finished off with one of the cast members doing stand up comedy at the famous Occidental Saloon. 

Come on seriously people? Are you all still buying this??

By last account they had 5 of the 7 main characters confirmed... uh huh, sure. 

Well holy hell... we show up to the VIP party out at HF Bar, a local dude ranch and there's none other than Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire) relaxing on the adirondack chair with a drink in her hand.  Are you sure that's her? She doesn't have a golden essence illuminating her being...  she doesn't have sequins or even make up on... where's the paparazzi? 
Nope- sure enough; it's her.... beautifully natural, crisp and clean - an actual human being. 
Huh? Who would've thought! 

Within the next glass of wine or two... Katee Sackhoff (Vic), Robert Taylor (Sheriff Walt Longmire) and Adam Bartley (the Ferg) meld in to the crowd. 

Now, three glasses of Pinot in, I'm ready to make a fool of myself and get some photo's with these folks- it's not every day you get to go to a VIP "star-studded" event in Wyoming!  Not to mention I DID have makeup on - never waste good makeup. 

What gracious folks we were rubbing elbows with. They were all so down-to-earth and real. Maybe it was the setting, but honestly it was a real treat to meet these folks. Because it was a small group of sponsors and a few select city officials, it was a very relaxed setting. No pushing or shoving or waiting in line. 

But where in the world is the "hottie"? The hottie? You know... Branch... Branch Connally - aka Bailey Chase. Oh wait... there he is! Pearl button shirt, jeans and flip flops - with his beautiful wife on his arm. 
Another super nice person. 

I didn't personally get to meet Louanne Stephens (Ruby), but she was at the Occidental during the Karaoke/Story-telling time - rounding out the cast that was able to attend. 

Okay okay enough bragging about my experience... but honestly I am so thrilled for this town, and personally thrilled that we had such a fun-filled weekend with this cast. Our Chamber of Commerce did their very best to pull off a huge event in a short time frame - while there will be lessons to learn from the weekend was a total success and a huge economic boost of our community. 

I'm glad I was so wrong about "Hollywood" types.
I'm also grateful and full of respect for this cast of actors... we (as in this town) put them through 3+ days of a very grueling high pressure schedule. I'm hopeful they will come back next year. 
While I'm not generally a star-struck fan, the genuine demeanor of these people might change that. 

Now - if only La Bamba (aka Lou Diamond Phillips) can make it next year.. from what I hear from his fellow cast-mates he's a real class act. Happy Anniversary Lou! 

Signed - The Brewery Bitch (aka Mary Wendy)

MJ and I with the Author Craig Johnson -

Rob & Chris with Robert Taylor (aka Sheriff Longmire)

Myself, "the Ferg", photo-bomber and MJ 

Bailey & I

MJ, Ida, Cassidy and I.

Bill, Katee and I.

Gents at Clear Creek Brewing Co for a few minutes of respite on Saturday night. 

And last but most certainly not least- me with my super-star! 

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  1. i confess...even tho' i haven't had a tv since 1976 i do follow this show on hulu...i like the characters...and it's not too violent. your post and photos made me smile. thanks, cole's friend, kris