Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sometimes Pinterest is more than recipes

I'm a lazy Pinterest-er. I pin recipes thinking they'd be great for dinner. I pin fandom-y merchandise in hopes of buying them one day. I pin seasonal decorations because I'm sure I'll add them to my yearly Halloween or Christmas "pretties". 

Then I started seeing all these great mommy and kid ideas for bonding. Now, to know my children and myself, we're pretty damn close. But I've always vowed to myself that they will never for a second doubt that they are 1) single handedly the most important people in my world, 2) no matter what life throws at them one person will always have their back even if I don't agree with them, and 3) that their hopes and dreams are as important to me as they are to themselves. So I started pinning all types of parent and child activities. 

Hands down, the best one thus far is the Mommy and Me notebooks. I bought simple quarter notebooks and decorated them with leftover scrapbooking materials. The gist is we write back and forth leaving the notebook on the others pillow once finished. 

They're SO much fun! I thought the boys would get bored with them but they're enjoying the books as much as I am. Some days we just write jokes, other notes are sappy, a couple are me chewing their butts for whatever crappy thing they may have done. They tell me about their day and/or their wishes for our family. It's become more than a tool in parenting and communicating, it's become something the three of us genuinely look forward to participating in and receiving. It's become something that I will keep and cherish and then one day, when they have their own home, they can read them and know they're never alone and always loved. 

- Dawny Wendy

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