Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Secret -

As I sat down at my laptop this morning, I saw this  - 

These are two fortunes Rob and I received (from a cookie) when we had just left our secure jobs in San Francisco for 'greener' pastures in Battleground, WA.

Being the cheesy girl that I am, I quickly went and found this cutesy little frame that could display them nicely.
From that day on, he has had this on one desk or another, as a reminder and motivator to follow his dreams and reach his goals (most likely he rarely looked at it and it was strictly a dust collector, but the motivation/reminder was a good idea on my part). 

We thought we were on THE path, and that these fortunes were meant specifically for that chapter in our lives... but as I see this little gem this morning, I know that it was just waiting for a bigger and better time to reveal itself. We still had things we needed to persevere before these fortunes could come to fruition.

Rob, (with my blessing) has decided to take a leap of faith. He has given notice at his very secure job he's had for 6 years to pursue his brewing full-time.
His desire to work for his own company has never wavered and he's always had a lot to prove. 

Now he is well on his way. Brewing is his passion - it's taken 42 years to figure it out, but thankfully he has figured it out. Some never do. 

In the book The Secret - they say you need to focus on the good you already have, and put out to the universe what you desire. I think this little framed reminders value has increased exponentially this morning! 

Cheers to my Robbie for making his dreams come true, and thanks to all that have cheered and supported him along the way - 

Mary Wendy

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cheeky Bikinis

Yesterday there was a reportedly warm water temperature, so I ventured to the beach. I love to swim and play in the ocean, but of course the ocean off the coast of California is cold. Surfers here wear wetsuits, and even though there are times when the ocean is relatively warm, it's not Hawaii or the Gulf of Mexico... it's still mighty "refreshing" when you get into 69 degree water in a bikini! So I ventured out yesterday and jumped around in the water a bit.

My beach afternoon revealed to me that it's no longer enough to wear a bikini. No, the cheeky bikini bottom is now in fashion. I saw at least half the women on the beach with the new cheeky bottoms. Of course, these are nothing new... in panty form... it's just new to me to see them on the beach in California. 

So far, the cheekiest thing by far that I wear in public is these short yoga shorts by Mika Yogawear. kinda cheeky shorts
They are really very short. But it's 104 degrees and 40% humidity in a Bikram yoga hot room, so no one cares. People are pretty much trying to survive the class, and they don't gawk. Plus we are all blinded by the stinging sweat dripping into our eyes!

I do like to be in fashion and I also think cheeky panties are really flattering, so I'm on the hunt to find modest cheeky bikini bottom. Yes, I realize this is something of an oxymoron, but perhaps a bottom that looks more like my yoga shorts than a thong panty, something nice people could actually see on the beach without feeling like they're in a strip club or rifling through a Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 panty table. Does this exist? We will find out! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sometimes I Just Need Sleep

I believe that most women are Warriors. Warriors for our Children, Family, Friends, Sisters, Soul mates, and our Universe.  I believe that women can do anything. I believe we are the soul of our world.

Most days I feel like a fierce Warrior. I often start my day by talking to my 3 Besties and my Mom. They recharge, encourage, guide me. They make me laugh,cry, scream, bitch and remind me how blessed I am....

Today I'm not feeling fierce or even like I'm willing to put on my armor. Today I want to cover my ears and not hear my child talk about hating me or how he wished I were dead. Today I wish I could crawl into bed and cry, let it all out until there are no more tears. Today I wish I could do it right and EVERYONE would just be happy. Today I don't want to clean up poop or pee from and angry child or dog. Today I want to feel sad that I can't reach the Bigs. Today I want the Lils to have a day where the Bigs don't annoy, hurt, scare,say something horrific to them or make them sad because of their behaviors.....

Sometimes the Warrior needs to sleep, I have 4 children so of course it is not possible and I know I will awake tomorrow and the Warrior will be back! Cause that's what we do! We take a deep breathe and try to cleanse our souls and come out swinging!

But for now I will just sit and remember why I'm so fierce.... 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kissy Kissy

I'm obsessed with lip balms and I'm not really sure why. I could delve into my childhood and tell you that I grew up in the high desert where it was very hot, windy and dry in summer and very cold, windy and dry in winter, and I licked my lips so dry I had a purplish brown crusty ring of dried skin around my mouth, making me look like a clown, and my beloved second grade teacher, a nun, was so worried about this condition that she invited me to stick my finger into her ChapStick that was worn down below the point where you can even twist it up anymore... so I was kind of reluctantly digging my finger into a plastic case that I don't think had any more lip balm left in it, worried that I was using her last drop and sort of embarrassed to be singled out in front of my classmates... but I'll hold back. Ha!

I've had everything from the classic Chap Stick to the jumbo size Bonne Bell Lip Smackers (love!) to a $32 colorless Chanel balm. One of my favorites are ones made in Washington with local honey and beeswax, and my bestie has been experimenting with making her own balms, too.

I'm currently enjoying Eos Smooth Spheres lip balms. I have four of them, one in each bathroom, one in my desk at work and one in my purse! I like the cute round shape and the candy colors, and the packaging has a kind of matte, rubbery grippy texture to it that I like as well. They contain 95% organic ingredients. I love these things!

Eos Smooth Spheres Lip Balm

I haven't been able to find the Passion Fruit one anywhere (center)
-Dani Wendy