Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sometimes I Just Need Sleep

I believe that most women are Warriors. Warriors for our Children, Family, Friends, Sisters, Soul mates, and our Universe.  I believe that women can do anything. I believe we are the soul of our world.

Most days I feel like a fierce Warrior. I often start my day by talking to my 3 Besties and my Mom. They recharge, encourage, guide me. They make me laugh,cry, scream, bitch and remind me how blessed I am....

Today I'm not feeling fierce or even like I'm willing to put on my armor. Today I want to cover my ears and not hear my child talk about hating me or how he wished I were dead. Today I wish I could crawl into bed and cry, let it all out until there are no more tears. Today I wish I could do it right and EVERYONE would just be happy. Today I don't want to clean up poop or pee from and angry child or dog. Today I want to feel sad that I can't reach the Bigs. Today I want the Lils to have a day where the Bigs don't annoy, hurt, scare,say something horrific to them or make them sad because of their behaviors.....

Sometimes the Warrior needs to sleep, I have 4 children so of course it is not possible and I know I will awake tomorrow and the Warrior will be back! Cause that's what we do! We take a deep breathe and try to cleanse our souls and come out swinging!

But for now I will just sit and remember why I'm so fierce.... 

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  1. I. Love. You.

    You amaze me and inspire me everyday.