Thursday, September 12, 2013

To Write Love On Her Arms

This week is/was National Suicide Prevention Week.  I myself have never truly contemplated suicide.  I've seen firsthand what that specific act does to loved ones.  Like most others, I may have thought about what others lives may be like were I not around, but they weren't suicidal thoughts.  

I'm just going to be honest here.  Suicide scares the shit out of me.  It scares me that someone I may love or hold dear could have such deep and terrible thoughts and be in so much pain that their only escape is to end their life.  I simply cannot imagine it.

To Write Love on her Arms has this amazing project going on right now, I Cannot Be Replaced.  I've included my version as well as a blank one for anyone who wishes to post theirs.  YOU CANNOT BE REPLACED.  How simple and yet so powerful.  Because you can't.  You cannot be replaced.  *I* cannot be replaced.  It's not egotistical, it's not pretentious.  It's fact.  You cannot be replaced.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Befrienders - Volunteer Action To Prevent Suicide

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