Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bacon Bowls

My Punkies love bacon! Especially the Princess! She would eat bacon, cheese and avocado 3 meals a day if I allowed her to!
While Gami was here at Chriatmas time we kept seeing a commercial for these Bacon Bowls that Princess went nuts for everytime it came on! So when Gami went home she of course sent us a package that contained the Bacon Bowls and a Chop Magic(I will review that for you soon!).
So needless to say The Punkies were very excited to try the bowls! We've all been sick off and on since New Years Eve but this morning we baked some bowls!
I tried the microwave first but I thought it turned out weird, it would work if you were in a big hurry but bake them in the oven! It takes some time but oh so good!
I will tell you thick cut bacon works really well but you need to cook it 15-20 minutes longer than the directions say but I think just regular cut bacon will be even better! It tells you to wait a couple of minutes before removing the bacon from the frame when it's done and you really have to then you need a knife to help loosen it!
It was fun and delicious! Two thumbs up from the Punkies!

I filled them with scrambled eggs, cheese and avacado and served it with cinnamon toast because they want buttery cinnamon toast with everything at breakfast!
I will totally be getting these for all my bacon worshipping friends for their birthdays this year!

Big Kisses! Nicci Wendy

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