Friday, February 14, 2014

When your friends teach you life lessons, you listen

In my life I'm terribly blessed not with the quantity of friends I have, but rather the quality.  I was reminded of that fact this morning while talking my fellow Wendy, Mary Wendy.  (Or is it Wendy Mary?)  Anyway, I was lamenting to her and Wendy Cole about how we as women can wake up, put on an outfit that we feel we are ROCKING and then see the total opposite when a picture was taken.  She simply said to me "I hate that! I have no answers for it...BUT are you thinking like a princess or a Queen?? Try looking again with Queen eyes.."

Here's what she posted in a previous blog about Princesses and Queens:

Princesses are very concerned with what others think of them, while Queens are concerned with what they think of themselves. 
Princesses go to extreme lengths to perfect what they see in the mirror, while Queens have learned to appreciate and love what they see in the mirror whether its aestheticly perfect or not. 
Princesses are very careful to keep up their facade at all costs, while Queens are completely comfortable with 'what you see is what you get'.
The Princess years are fear-based while Queens are Fear-less! 

Pretty brilliant, huh?

So then I looked at the pictures I had taken this morning with my boys again. I didn't look at just the double chin, or the belly, or the round face.  I looked at my smile.  I looked at the belly that carried them proudly for nine months. I looked at the double chin that fits so perfectly on top of their heads when they cuddle with me.  I looked at my boys.  I saw my boys looking at me with such utter love in their eyes.  I saw the happiness and contentment in my face, in their face.  I looked beautiful.  My boys looked beautiful.  

Wendy Mary is right.  I'm a Queen.  

 - Wendy Dawny

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