Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I'm Batman

My children amuse me and inspire me daily. 

My youngest son is seriously the biggest pain in my ass. He's a dirty, stinky, and rotten boy aka typical 9 year old boy. 

He's been having problems with double digit multiplication. He just couldn't grasp it. And then finally, after two weeks of nightly practice, he did. He stared at the paper after I graded it, saw the 100%, whispered "holy crap", then jumped up with both arms up and yelled "I'm batman!"  He then cried. When I hugged him and asked him why he was crying, he said "I've been working so hard and I finally got it. I'm just releasing all that's been stored up in my belly". Then he ran off. 

Cue to this morning and his parent/teacher conference. My guy has brought that D in math up to an A. An A. The teacher said he's now helping other students in the classroom that are having problems with double digit multiplication. Hell yeah. 

What have I learned from my child today?

Work hard. Cry when you've finally succeeded. Be Batman. 

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