Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bubbles and Balloons - Jen and Joe

I apologize for the absentee Wendy!  Life has been anything but dull lately and I'm working on my bubbles and balloons... 
I guess Bubbles and Balloons are a bit of a Maryism... so I'll explain in greater detail. 

Bubbles: You know when you have something that's bothering you... thats consuming your thoughts, something completely out of your control yet you insist on letting it fester? Yeah.. me too. 

Its so easy to say "Just let it go!" Um... not so easy for me.
When something or someone really matters to me, I don't have it in me to "just let it go" its not in my genetic makeup. (God how I wish I had that superpower)

A good friend of mine, Jen, who also happens to be a licensed professional counselor taught me about bubbles. It's where you actually picture yourself putting all that negativity into a bubble, think Wizard-of-Oz-Glinda bubble and then physically flicking the imaginary bubble into the air. 
For whatever reason, this is fairly effective for me, if only for a brief moment, it gives me peace. Give it a try, it might work for you also. 

Balloons: 10-12 years ago, I had a fairly high-stress demanding job. I also had an office with a door and a view of the San Francisco Bay, but that's another story for another day. 
One day with my head in my hands and tears hanging on by threads to my eyelids, enters Joe... little did I know at the time, but Joe was a very wise, compassionate man. 

He unknowingly, taught me a life skill. One I now refer to as, balloons. You know all those millions of things you need to do? 
Laundry, grocery shop, pay bills, order the antennas, finish the invoices, eat healthy, work out, go to church (regularly), pay attention to your husband, kids, parents, friends, dog, chickens, blog... well, those are all balloons. 

Big, beautiful, different colored helium balloons.

He taught me about pulling one balloon down at a time, anchoring it properly and then moving on to the next... 
"Its impossible to hold them all down at once..." - Joe. 

Thank you Jen and Joe for these two very valuable lessons in life. 

In this season of my life, I'm working on my Bubbles and Balloons - (insert 99 Luft Balloons in your best German accent) 

Peace out -  MaryWendy

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