Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Car in 10 mins

Your car's interior: don't neglect it, especially if you spend a lot of time in it, driving your kids to and fro, commuting to work, etc. No matter how big a car or SUV it is, it's still a very small room with very little storage space.

a bag for trash
car cleaning wipes, reusable cleaning cloth, or paper towels + all purpose cleaner
optional: air freshener

Park somewhere nice, where you can get into all doors easily. Dress comfortably so you can bend and move around. There are a couple of nice places near my house where you can put in some quarters and have their powerful vaccum for a few minutes.

Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes, grab a bag to use for trash, and go! Go to it! If you have kids, get them to compete and see who can get the biggest bag of trash in, say, 2 minutes and the winner gets a reward! Pick up all the wrappers, fries, leaves, etc!

Now vacuum up the smaller pieces of debris...quickly! Doesn't have to be perfect. I once spent something like two hours cleaning my friend's van. But I was obsessing...

Wipe along your door handles and other areas that people touch. Wipe the dust off your steering wheel and all the plastic or leather parts.

Now pop your little vent clip air fresheners or spray a little bit of something nice into the carpets in the backseat, or mist the whole car if you're using something natural and non-toxic!

Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Mist is my favorite, but there are so many great ways to freshen your car.
They used to have a ginger-mint one that I liked, too. It's hard to road rage when your car is clean inside and smells like lavender... your drive to where ever it is your are going is going to be so nice!

A cute, handmade car trash bag available on Etsy!

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