Monday, April 29, 2013

Oscars 2011 flashback #1

I am a pop culture junkie. Tv, movies, awards shows, fashion, graphic novels, conventions, the list goes on and on. I love to talk about my shows and favorite movies. In fact, some of the best friends I have I met online on message boards and whatnot doing the whole fandom thing. In fact, two of those women I met online provided me with the opportunity to fulfill one of my biggest dreams/bucket list items: attending the Academy Awards.

I met C and G online during Buffy's heyday. Huge Joss fans we all are. I'm fact, while in California, they took me on a Buffy tour. We saw Buffy's house and the Sunnydale high. But that's another blog.

So, 2011 Oscars were all about The Fighter and Black Swan. I didn't give a crap about them. I was jazzed to see Zachary Levi. He was there to sing with Mandy Moore. I love adore crush on the man so I was just wanting to see him.

My mom and dad bought me a fancy schmancy camera for the trip. I practiced with that sucker hours upon hours and still couldn't get it to focus the way I wanted it to. Anyway, when Zachary got to my section of the bleachers, I took a gazillion pictures and they all looked like crap. Finally, out of desperation, I yelled his name. He turned and looked right at me. He stood in his pose for easily a minute while I took several pics. Poor guy. What a good sport though. I tweeted him later telling him thank you along with an apology. He was so sweet and gracious in his response.

Then came Justin Timberlake. I have never been a huge fan of his, more of a casual fan. I was going to snap a pic then move onto the next celeb walking down the red carpet. And then he started hamming it up for us in the bleachers. The 12 year old girl in me busted loose and I completely lost my shit in the bleachers. I was screaming and waving and bouncing in my seat. Not my proudest moment by any means but still... The boy is hot.

I'm going to be blogging more about this trip as it was truly one of the highlights of my life thus far. I want it down on paper, per se.

- Dawny Wendy

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