Monday, April 15, 2013

When RAD takes over- traveling with the Punkies

So we have been in Florida for 5 days. It's been sunny and warm, I've gotten burned and now it's turning tan just what I needed after being in the Seattle rain for 2 years! Mommy lives the sun Goddess!

The Bigs(my oldest who almost 6 and 7) have been pushing and itching to ruin our trip since we got in the van to get on the plane.

We rented a house so we would have plenty of room and so the kids would have consistency. They also have their own pool so I can wear them out every day!;-)

So far Bu has torn art of the wall in their bedroom, hit 2 out of 3 of the other children, peed on himself in public, swore at me, and has just had an all around bad attitude.

Zo has thrown himself down an escalator( he's fine) trying to knock me off it, peed all over himself, wiped BM all over his bathroom, tried to drown his baby brother in the pool, referred to me as " his bitch"( several times) and told me to F off when he didn't want to follow the rules.

I expect behaviors and warn all that we come into contact with but I try to wake up every morning wipe the slate clean and try again, it's hard to balance the structure and allowing them to be boys and just have fun. Throw in trying not to let the Bigs ruin the fun for the Lils and its a constant puzzle!

Vacation might kill me!;-)

Xoxo Nicci Wendy

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