Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kitchen Gadgets I Can't Live Without #1

I am a kitchen gadget Whore! There I said it now we can all breathe a little easier!

I wanna tell you about some of my favorite kitchen items over the next few months( yes I have that many)!

I'm going to start with my absolute favorite(well right now, it changes every few days or so) my cast iron skillets!

I have 2 so far a 12 inch and a 16 inch. I cook everything in them! Searing burgers and steaks to perfection! Baking pineapple upside down cake and corn bread that gets the perfect caramelization, or a big batch of breakfast potatoes!!! People it will change your life!

I like to look at thrift or antique stores but you can find them already seasoned on Amazon!

Xoxo Nicci Wendy 

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