Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Mom Tells It Like It is... I'm Heavy

My mom is blunt. About my weight she has always been blunt-- I remember bathing suit shopping with her when I was in my late teens and loving this sexy one-piece that was really high cut in the legs (that was in fashion then!); it was a sort of tan color and looked like suede instead of shiny swimsuit fabric. I think it had some metal detail.  It made my short legs look miles long and it felt so sophisticated compared to my brightly colored teeny bopper suits of years past.
So there we were in the dressing room at a department store and she announces loudly, "It looks good on you. We'll get it. You just need to lose a LITTLE weight!" and squeezes my hip where it was sticking out of the leg of the swimsuit. I mean... there were lots of other people in the other dressing rooms and I didn't appreciate that at all. Plus, I probably weighed all of 110 lbs at that time.

I saw her this weekend and she started asking me how often I've been going to yoga. (I practice Bikram yoga and in the past, when I've practiced 4 or 5 times a week, I have no problems with my weight... any extra just seems to melt off, probably from the 100+ degrees in the Bikram hot room!) I explained to her that I've only been practicing on my days off, two days a week, because I leave for work at 7:30 am and I get home from work at around 7:45 pm each evening. I work an hour from home and ride a commuter train to work each day.
She informed me that I need to exercise more no matter what it takes. She stared into my eyes and her stern and worried eyes told me I'm heavy. Which is, of course, true. I bought a scale on my way home from her house and stepped on it once I got back to my house. I'm at my highest weight ever! I weigh 131, which probably doesn't sound too shocking, but according to the height and weight charts, I should weigh between 103 and 113. I typically feel skinny at 120 and am not used to seeing that number go above the 120s.

So, no excuses! No saving money for an expensive bike or waiting for a hula hoop so I can start a hooping class or whatever other dreams I have. It's back to basics. I packed my running shoes, sports bra, tee shirt, hair ties, stretchy pants, face wipes and deodorant this morning and hauled it all to work. And during my lunch break, I went to the bathroom, changed into my exercise clothes and went running! I got back a little sweaty, but it wasn't too bad, and went back into the bathroom, freshened up and changed back into my work clothes. Then I ate my lunch of yogurt, granola and veggies at my desk and drank some water. Day 1 and I'm feeling pretty good! I also told a few coworkers that I'm doing this-- because if some people know, then I feel "watched" and I feel accountable. We'll see how it goes the rest of the week.  -  Dani Wendy

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