Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Lunch Hour Exercise Update - Week 1

You like how one minute I'm posting about needing to lose weight and the next minute I'm baking muffins with coconut, chocolate and butter in them?

I managed to change my clothes during lunch and run every work day last week! I was particularly determined the day it was 88 degrees. Not so good-- I came back to work sweaty and red in the face and then shivered clammily in the 65 degree air conditioning my boss loves. Ugh. I don't feel the freshest after these lunchtime workout, but in lieu of a shower I've come to rely on the following refreshing items, which I am now keeping at work:

toothbrush and toothpaste
ponytail holder and barrettes
Yes to Cucumbers facial towelettes (amazingly refreshing and smell wonderful! Thanks, Cole, for my first pack!)
extra deodorant
Pure Grace Perfumed Body Spritz (just a touch of a clean fragrance that doesn't smell too perfumy)
clean underwear

After about a five minute touch up and change, I didn't look or smell too bad and I was able to finish my day, forgetting that I felt sticky and gross just a few minutes earlier. I also felt better the second half of the day after my little run, and I felt less frustration about certain work situations. I felt somewhat detached from the various dramas that occurred at my job. So far so good!

 - Dani Wendy

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