Monday, May 27, 2013

Letting Go and letting God

One of my biggest areas of growth (I hate the word "weakness") is how I tend to worry and fret, to the point of making myself sick sometimes. I focus on one thing and have a hard time letting it go from my mind. 

I know, in my heart, how blessed I am. A wonderful husband, two simply amazing boys. But when life is faltering, it's hard to remember those things. 

A lot has happened to myself and my family the last couple of years. Physically, everyone is healthy but the last few years has taken a toll on our psyche, mine and my husband's especially. We've worked hard to get through it, and for the most part, we have. But I'm tired and frankly, I'm ready for a break. 

I'm trying to "let go and let God". Let go of my worries, let go of my stress and let God have them. Let God stand beside me and walk with me through them. I pray every night, and oftentimes during the day. I pray for myself, my family, for others. I pray for the break my family so desperately needs. I pray for those suffering to heal and/or find peace. I pray for my family and friends to know how very much I love them. 

It's tough letting go. It's tough not trying to be in control, especially when it feels as though there's not much to actually control. 

So, this blog post is me letting go and letting God. I'm still going to work as hard as I have been, harder if I'm capable. But I'm letting go of it and handing it to God. I tell my husband and children they're worth it to our Father. Now it's my turn to believe it. 

- Dawny Wendy

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