Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No apologies.

I'm currently at a stage in my life that I need to get my blinders out and strap em on. I personally need to focus on my goals that are straight in front of me and block out the rest of the world going on around me. 

Big thick black heavy leather blinders...just like you see on the Clydesdales in a parade.

If you are like me, you may also need to add some noise reduction headphones to your big thick black heavy leather blinders. 

The "tapes" that run through our minds, relentless berating, talking down to, not 'living up to' remarks we make to ourselves are so toxic. Push stop and eject the tape. After taking it out, place it on a table and smash it into smithereens with a hammer. After you destroy said cassette, create a new tape to start running in it's place. Pick at least one small positive, one tiny victory you can be proud of and put that tape into your brain. (Yes, I'm aging myself with the cassette tape...but you get my drift.)

So many things around us are sabotaging our movement forward- people's judgmental looks, media pressures, derogatory comments and rolling of the eyes.. You only have one life... and one short life at that. 

Live YOUR life... if that includes running 8 miles a day, do that. If that includes eating a hot-fudge sundae every day, do that. If that includes running 8 miles AND eating a hot-fudge sundae every day, then for Pete's sake, do that. But dammit, do it without apologies.  

If you too are feeling the pressures of perfection, go find your blinders and noise redux headphones and put them on. 
It's time to focus on YOU and say screw it to the rest.

mary Wendy 

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