Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Don't Do Brat....

So some of you think I am a pushover, just in general in life, but also with those little muffins I call Punkies! Some of you think I am hard, unbending and extremely strict with the Punkies. I like to think I am a bit of both with a little fairy and mother earth mixed in!(hee hee! yay right!)

Well this week after months of fits and fighting every time I ask them to pick up the toys that they took out I did something that every parent threatens to do......I took all their toys.

We went from this........
All of the bins are full of toys

Oh look another 2 shelves full of toys

Yes that is a doll house and a book case full of Punkie books!

Yes this is another room full of toys and craft supplies

To Nothing..............

They have access to about 6 books and each other.

So the totally shocking thing(especially to me) is that there was a tiny fit by my 4 year old autistic child, and I do mean tiny, and that has been it! 4 minutes of whining and crying and nothing else has been said.  They have been creative and played with each other,  The Bigs have read to the Lils. We have had extra outings out in nature and we have slept better and there have been fewer fits.

I will be the first to admit my Punkies are spoiled.  If they say they want something in passing it usually appears in the next few weeks brought by the UPS man who knows all the names of the people in my family and will sit on my porch and drink lemonade with my 4 year olds on a weekly basis. But I have to say that I am really impressed with them for not being crazed about losing their toys and just moving on.  

I have not returned their toys yet and we have made a deal as a family that we will not be buying any toys for at least 1 year.  They will be getting books for their birthdays and for Holidays we will be having adventures and experiences that we will always remember, and giving toys that we would have bought to the local shelters.  

I want my kids to grow up wanting to help, to make a difference, to not expect things handed to them and to definitely appreciate what they have....hopefully this is a start!

PS....I will let you know when I start to gradually give them back!

Nicci Wendy

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