Thursday, March 21, 2013

Butt Wipes and Toliet Seats- Up or Down?

I work in an office of six men and two women. We have one unisex bathroom and one toilet. Miraculously, although the bathroom sometimes stinks, it's never gross looking. We don't leave anything in or on the toilet bowl or seat, and the seat is always down. if the seat is ever left up, I'm always very surprised, and it was usually a visitor or a client who left it up. There is one male coworker who even brushes the toilet after he does a #2; I can hear him tapping the brush on the edge of the bowl, and he also sprays a copious amount of air freshener after the #2. We also have a little canister of wet wipes (you know, those flushable adult baby wipes) on the back of the toilet seat for when toilet paper isn't providing quite enough "freshness". We only have the office cleaning person come once a week.

Imagine my surprise when my sweetie complained that I ask him to put the toilet seats DOWN and implied that I am emasculating him by having wet wipes available in our bathrooms. "You want me to wipe my a** with a baby wipe!" he complained. I said, "I never said you HAVE to use them. They are just there if you WANT to use them. Sheesh. And yes, the toilet seat should be DOWN. That's common courtesy." I then compared my work toilet, which is overused and shared amongst too many people yet has its seat consistently down, despite the six men, to our home toilets, two of them, for only two people... they get very little action, yet their seats remain consistently UP. His reply was that I work with "fashion men". (They work in jewelry, therefore of course they do feminine things like leave the toilet seat DOWN?)

Since this conversation, which happened two days ago, he's greeted me upon my arrival home by telling me the both toilets seats are down. So I "win," but he's not too happy about it! I've never lived with a straight man before (except for my dad, and we each had our own bathroom)... what gives with the toilet seats? I thought it was normal for men to pee and then put the seat back down! And are flushable wet wipes emasculating?

xo Dani Wendy

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