Thursday, March 21, 2013

Globes Red Carpet

I love the red carpet for awards shows.  I’m a girly girl sometimes and love seeing the pretty.  But I think I may love snarking on the interviews just as much.   

So, let me preface something first.  I went to the Oscars in 2011 and sat on the bleachers for the red carpet. (One bucket list item down!) It was simply the greatest time and I will blog about that soon-ish.  It was pretty damn cool to not only “see” some of my favorite celebs but see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff.    

Which brings me to Ryan Seacrest.  Dude is a tool.  Was totally not impressed with him at the Oscars and now whenever I see him on anything, I judge him something terrible.  I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is.  He’s a dork.   

Anyway, here’s my not-so-brilliant thoughts on the Globes red carpet. 

HOLY SHIT.  Clare Danes looks freaking amazing.  She can kiss my fat ass.  She had her baby ONE MONTH AGO.  She looks absolutely great.  Shit, I’m still carrying the weight from my oldest and he’s 12. 

Guiliana Rancis is a hot mess.  That dress is awful.  I used to really like her.  Like, a lot.  But now she distracts me with the attention seeking behavior.   -   

Julianne Hough looks like a Miley Cyrus reject.   

Amy Adams is so gorgeous but I really dislike when dress colors are too similar to the wearers skin tone.   

 - Seacrest, you’re a dumbass.  A one month old baby is not a toddler.  Good grief.   -  

Does Julia Louis Dreyfuss age at all?  Or is she aging in reverse ala Benjamin Button?  She looks gorgeous.   

Oh, Bradley Cooper.  That tux, that hair, those sunglasses.  DO. ME. NOW. (I could not find a pic with him in the sunglasses.  You’ll just have to trust that my ovaries wept)   

Katherine McPhee is showing some serious skin.  Damn, girl   

SIDEBAR – While watching the red carpet, I got a tweet from WhatTheFFacts: No one in the world can pass gas silently through their assholes if the hairs around it is completely removed.  The more you know…   

Megan Fox’s face looks weird.  Botox?   

Julie Bowen looks beautiful in that color blue but not digging the dress itself.   -  

I do NOT like Sienna Miller’s dress at all.  Gives me a mother-of-the-bride feel.  

ER reunion!!  Margulies and Clooney!!  In my fanfic dreams, they’re still living together and had many more babies.  I loved how they ignored Seacrest and he was all trying to shove the mic in their faces to hear their conversation.  In my mind, in this picture, they were telling him what a tool he is.   

Not a fan of Lucy Lui’s dress either.  I wanted to like it, I like dresses that are different and unique.  But just not feeling it…   

Hayden seems to have come out of nowhere lately and she is killing it tonight.  Looks amazing.

xo Dawny Wendy

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