Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cinnabon,Because It's the Last..........

I had a little Cinnabon "episode" (errr...) today. I blame this little Cinnabon episode on my coworker Alex, because he agreed with me that Cinnabon is delicious (thereby validating my decision to go to Cinnabon today), and also on my friend Yana, who texted me to say, "Happy last day of existence! Maybe!" just in case the end of the world really does happen tomorrow, Dec. 21 as many have predicted. Of course, neither Alex nor Yana forced me to sign up for Club Cinnabon in order to get a coupon for a free mini Cinnabon emailed to me, but that's neither here nor there!

I marched right down to Cinnabon (unfortunately this is walking distance from my work) and did not just redeem my coupon for one free mini. No, instead I bought a whole 15-pack to take to work so that I could bring others down with me into a cream-cheese frosted, gooey warm cinnamon spiral of bad eating behavior! 

Ha! They are SO delicious! 

xo Dani Wendy

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