Friday, March 22, 2013

The Crazy World That Is Tater

My Baby will be 4 in just over a month.  It is hard to believe so much time past so quickly.

We call him Tater.  When the social worker brought him to the house Buddha came over to look at the bundle she had all wrapped up and she said,"What do you think?".  Bu replied, "He looks like a tater, a sweet tater doesn't he?". So Tater it has been ever since!

Tater is sweet, crazy hyper, smart, but more that anything he is hilarious!  He has always been somewhat of a clown but as he gets older the stuff that he does and says is just more and more hilarious!

His latest is just priceless!  While we were on a little trip we were in a candy/toy shop and he saw a stuffed toy crab that he decided he needed.  I bought him the crab(along with a ton of sugar) and we exited the store out on to a cute street lined with restaurants and cute shops.

As we walked back towards the trolley there was a young 20 something woman with long hair. Tater stops and says I gotta crab....the kind you eat!  She starts "awwwwing" and telling him how cute he is....He then turns to her and says,"I'm taking you for a crab dinner" in his best grown boy voice.  His Aunt D had to tell the woman what he said, then everyone but Tater laughed cause he was trying to get his mack on and Mommy and Aunt D were dissing him! 

xo Nicci Wendy

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