Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dani's Ten-Step Secret Sauce for Young,Awake Eyes!

Getting older means gravity pulls on your face and things kind of begin to droop down. Like eyelids, chins, breasts. In order to create the illusion of youth and wide open eyes, I have compiled the advice of numerous Bobbi Brown makeup counter artists, Sephora sales associates and the random issue of Allure and created my own Secret Sauce!

Here's my 10-Step Secret Sauce:

1. Dab concealer under the eye all the way to the lashline. (Apply eye cream first if your under eyes are crepey or dry.) The concealer must be slightly lighter than your skin tone! Not too light, or you'll look weird.

2. Lightly press a powder puff into the concealer to "set" the concealer. You can also use a skin-colored eyeshadow for this.

3. Don't apply any eyeliner under your bottom lashes. (I loved heavy and smoky eyeliner when I was younger, but  a fresh, bare under eye area looks more youthful and awake!)

4. Apply your normal eyeshadow to your upper lids.

5. Curl your upper lashes...

6. ...and apply mascara as generously as you wish!

7. Lightly apply mascara to your bottom lashes, or skip the mascara altogether.

8. Apply a nude colored eyeliner to the waterline, or inner rim of your lashes. There are many out there! I love NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner in "Rue Bonparte"-- a soft nude. But L'Oreal makes a great one as well, for 1/3 the price of the NARS. Don't use white unless you are going to be performing onstage! Use nude! 

9. Apply a dab of pearly cream, pearl white, pale pink or shimmmery beige to the inner corner of your eye. Choose this color based on your skin tone! If you want to go a little more dramatic, rub the excess right below the arch of your brow.

10. Apply a drop of a whitening eyedrop, like Rohto V into each eye. Yes, this is controversial, as these drops constrict your blood vessels like Visine does and some people think they are bad. But it really creates a white, awake, fresh look that lasts several hours! (Rohto V "Cool", in the green package, is less shockingly minty feeling than the other varieties and it's my favorite.)

I know ten steps sounds a little crazy but you can really do this in 5 minutes!

xo Dani Wendy

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