Thursday, March 21, 2013

Late Night Confessions of a Crazy Mommy

So to get through the day we all do crazy things...Right?! I am not the only one....Right?! Well this right here is what I like to call "Late Night Confessions of a Crazy Mommy!" If a girl can't confess to her Besties who can she confess too?! 

So tonight my confession is really shameful.....

My Punkies like to get up EARLY !! Like crazy early! And they don't stop talking all day long! You may say,"Oh my kids are totally like that"...and to that I say,"You have NO IDEA what loud is until you spend some time in my home!" 

So my confession......I like to set my alarm on my phone to 3:30am and the alarm that wakes me up is Adam Levine singing "One More Night" to me.....He's the first thing I want to hear before the chaos begins.  I usually will sleep then for another 15 minutes with the thoughts of this:

Whatever gets us through the day right?! Good Morning!

Feel free to drop your "Confessions" into the comments!

xo Nicci Wendy

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