Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not-So-Brilliant Holiday Plans 2012

I was full of BRILLIANT HOLIDAY IDEAS this year. Oh, yes! Of course now that it's December 18th I am in full panic mode and realize that none of these ideas were brilliant. They were foolish and overly ambitious. I am completely falling apart! 

Here is a partial list, for your amusement:

Dani's List of Truly Un-Brilliant Holiday Ideas:

1) Fantasy: Make homemade butterscotch pudding in individual Mason Jars topped with homemade whipped cream and cute handmade kraft paper labels bearing the name of each co-worker, as a gift for coworkers.
Reality: Thankfully I realized early on that this was a lovely idea and yet impossible to execute. In reality, I scaled it way back and made the Browned Butter Crispy Rice Treats with Pinenuts, so that worked out okay.

2.) Fantasy: Take sweetie to Coronado Island to my boss' partner's surf shop and buy him his dream wetsuit for Christmas. Receive hefty employee discount from boss' partner, thereby enabling me to afford sweetie's dream wetsuit. 

Reality: It was not a surf shop and there were no wetsuits. It was a souvenir shop that sells clothing, beach towels, and lots of good stuff for the beach, but not wetsuits. We wandered the streets for an hour and purchased some self-soothing saltwater taffy at a candy boutique while I pretended I had not a Christmas care in the world. 

3.) Not Brilliant Idea #3... get a jewelry gift for my friend (a beautiful object at a great price!) that has to be sized to the right size by my jeweler boyfriend. Normally this would be fine. However, jeweler boyfriend is overloaded up with jewelry projects and orders that must be fulfilled ASAP in order to meet shipping deadlines! 

4.) Not Brilliant Idea #4. Beautiful notecards for my mom that bear a teeny letterpressed gold tennis racquet and her name in my hand-done calligraphy in tennis-ball green ink. I ended up having to overnight several bottles of special green fountain pen ink to myself (the shipping being multiple times the cost of the ink itself) because I waited so long to do this and I have to custom-mix the right color. This is a project for September or October... NOT for December 17-24! Dumb!

I think realization finally hit me today when I was at work looking at the calendar for the week and realizing today's December 18th, I have no more days off in which to "get it together", I leave for work at 7:20 each morning and get home from work at 7:40 each evening and my next day off is Dec 23. So I went to the mall on my lunch break and bought my little sister (age 10) a gift certificate to Claire's, the cheapie accessories boutique that she loves. I guess the jewelry suite I had designed for her and hand-rendered, with a matching pink opal pendant, earrings and ring will have to wait till her birthday! 

Next year I really will get it together by Thanksgiving. I swear it! \

xo Dani Wendy

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