Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Dirt You Don't See Is Still There, People!!!

My sweetie and I just moved into a beautiful condo. (Photos to be revealed soon!) We are renting now, and my goal is to buy a place in a few years. We just moved from his teeny-tiny 500 square foot "boy" apartment into this really pretty, spacious, 1,100 square foot place last week. 
And I mean, he was raised by a mother whose house is IMMACULATE, and he's really clean and organized, but he's a twenty-something straight boy. Now that was not full of stereotypes AT ALL. 

So upon first viewing the condo looked really clean. New flooring, fresh paint on the walls, brand new appliances gleaming in the kitchen. Nice cabinets. Shining sink, gleaming granite countertops. Once we actually moved IN and started investigating I realized it is only clean AT EYE LEVEL. There is some sort of sticky gray dust that had to be accumulating for YEARS on top of the kitchen cabinets, and once our new white dining table came in, I wondered why the white ceiling fan looked grayish. Once I climbed up there I realized it was filthy.

So I had to go to work and Sweetie stayed home. I asked Sweetie to clean these areas, or at least start. He did not. 

He feels that it's "not that urgent" and "you can't see it" so why am I freaking out about it? He told me the place looks great, we put a solid three days into moving and cleaning it, and please relax. He honestly believes this. While I believe that we are probably building up for some type of allergic attack from all the dust, and I imagine the previous tenant's dogs hairs and pubic hairs and boogers are UP THERE ABOVE THE CABINETS. And worse, on the ceiling fan right ABOVE MY DINING TABLE. I can almost feel the filth living and breathing and getting ready to attack me! 

Is this some kind of gender difference thing? Is it an age thing? Is it me being a freak? My mother is so obsessed with cleanliness and the perfection of her home that she makes my stepdad wear clean socks inside at all times so his "foot oils" do not taint their beautiful cream-colored carpeting. I don't want to go quite that far.

xo Dani Wendy

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