Friday, March 22, 2013

The Sweet Cream that Rises to the Top!

THOSE people...

It might have been a chance meeting in college or your second job once you were out.  Walking down the street in a sweet little town in the Bay Area or the last job you had before you quit your "1st" life - You know... THOSE people..
The wonderful surprises that come into your life and the unknown part they will play.  
Most aren't everyday friends. Many aren't even every-few-month friends. Some are merely acquaintances. 

THOSE people are the ones that when you see they have a FB account you are seriously stoked. Bouncing up and down in your seat stoked... because for years you've always wondered- what happened to them? What did they end up doing? Where has their journey taken them? 

This title of THOSE people, isn't something that all long lostFB 'friends' hold ... these are the ones that you secretly live vicariously through... these are the people that you can't help but smile, like ridiculously smile about when you think of the snippets of memories you have with them. 

I am so blessed to have had THOSE people pop in and out of my journey... I met them for a reason, had them for a season - but for my lifetime, they've made a lasting impression. 

Sisters and brothers of the soul... you have made an impact on this girls life...and I thank you for that! 

Word. Mary Wendy

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