Thursday, March 21, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

I love love love awards season.  I had previously attempted to blog the People’s Choice awards last week but my pop-up blocker, well, blocked me.  I had pretty pretty pictures attached, went to preview, and my pop-up blocker reset the page.  I’m nothing if not impatient so gave up.  Here’s to hoping I remember to save first this time.  Basically, these are just my judgments, critiques, and thoughts.  

Opening monologue by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (who looked amazing in that red plungy dress) was brilliant.  Women hosts can get away with SO much more than male hosts.  Maybe it’s the boobies, I don’t know.  But damn, someone should’ve thought of them years ago because they killed it.  Best quote of the night? “When it comes to torture, I trust the woman who was married to James Cameron.”   

SIDEBAR – I’m doing the geek squeeing.  Elektra, Batman, Catwoman, Wolverine, Daredevil, Iron Man, Invisible Woman, Mr. Freeze, Hawkeye, Mystique, Storm, and Lois Lane are all either nominees and/or presenters tonight.  AGE OF THE GEEK, BABY!   

**Supporting Actor in a motion picture – Christoph Waltz – not a shocker, pretty sure he has the Oscar in the bag as well.   

SIDEBAR – Quentin Tarantino freaks me out.  Don’t get  me wrong, I’m a fan.  LOVED Kill Bill, LOVED Pulp Fiction.  But dude is a kinky freak.  I remember reading an email on ONTD (LOVE ME SOME ONTD, if you dig celebrity gossip follow them on livejournal) from a chick who went home with him.  They didn’t get it on because he was too into her tootsies, more specifically her toes.  Blech.  

**Supporting Actress in a television show – Maggie Smith – big fat duh.  Sister Act shoutout!   

  - Mr. Golden Glove Sam Fox is seriously his father’s son.  Spitting freaking image.   - 

 - Jessica Lange is beautiful but seriously needs to lay off the botox.  In a bad way.   -  

 - I haven’t seen Les Mis yet.  Rent is my favorite musical but Les Mis is way up there.   

 - George Clooney is so homely.  Blech.  #sarcasm   

**Actor in TV drama – I was totally not expecting Damian Lewis here.  Thought Cranston had it.  Wonder how many people were shocked at his accent?   

**TV drama – Yay for Homeland!   

 - Jason Statham presenting for Original Score.  Talk to me, baby.  I’d die happy if him, Sam Eliot, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan just talked to me.  GUH.   

SIDEBAR – They flashed on Tate Donovan.  I just watched Spacecamp Saturday night with the boys.  Holy crap.  Spacecamp came out in 1986.  I am old.  Or he is.

**Best song – ADELE!! Taylor Swift can suck it.  She had some bitterness in those eyes.  You're no Adele, sweetpea.  Suck it up and act just a wee bit gracious.  And eat a sammich! Adele looked amazing and wins for best winner reaction of the night.  We need to go out drinking together.  I will say she needs to stop winning shit though, it’s making her too happy and I need her sad sad melodramatic music!!   

**Best actress in a motion picture comedy – Will Ferrell’s moustache totally distracted me.  As much as I love Kristen Wiig, their bit went on way too long.  But Tommy Lee Jones cracked me the hell up!   

**Supporting Actor Television – Kristen Bell is so cute preggo!!  I kinda wanted Schmidt to win but am actually surprised Patinkin didn’t take it.   

**Supporting Actress Motion Picture – Anne Hathaway was a given, IMO, and truly believe she deserves the Oscar as well.  I think the Oscars are unforgiving though and I think she’ll be snubbed.  Her speech felt slightly contrived to me BUT her sentiment to Sally Field was beautiful.   

SIDEBAR – I’m so freaking tired of the Pepsi/Sofia Vergara commercial.  I am, however, extremely jazzed for Oz: The Great and Powerful.   

**Best Screenplay – Quentin Tarantino wins.  Talented man but scares the pants off me.  I’ll leave my shoes on though.   

 - Joey Tribbiani is looking old!  

**Best Actor in TV comedy – Don Cheadle win.  Boys are PISSED Sheldon didn’t win.   

 - Stallone and Schwarzenegger are looking rough.    

SIDEBAR – Hubby just walked in while they were presenting and told me he feels like he’s back in 1985.  He watched a trailer for Schwarzenegger’s new flick and Stallone’s new flick. Then says having Tone Loc playing in the background would complete it.    

**Best Actress TV series – FILLION! I love me some Nathan Fillion. Lea Michele presenting with him.  I’m usually not a fan of her at awards shows, she tries too hard and it doesn’t translate.  She looks beautiful tonight though.  Anyway, Clare Danes has this shit in the bag.   

 - Liev Schreiber will always be Cotton to me.   

**Best Actress in TV comedy – Amy with Clooney!!  Lena Dunham wins.  She’s totally distracting me though with her shuffling.  Don’t wear heels if you can’t!   

 - What is with all of Poehler’s dresses/outfits tonights?  All have the same exact neckline! 

**Cecil Demille award – I’m so glad Robert Downey Jr got his shit together.  Anyway, the two things people are going to be talking about tomorrow is Tina/Amy and Jodie’s speech.  Girl was DRUNK.  A drunk Jodie is a fun Jodie.  I admire her loyalty to Mel Gibson, I can’t help it.  I’ve always thought she was a pretty cool chick and I love the way she approached her “coming out” in the speech.  She didn’t come out to the press and/or general public because it’s no one’s business but hers, she came out years ago to those that mattered.  The ONLY thing that would’ve made that speech better is if she broke into Nell.   

**Best Director – Redemption for Ben!  I’m glad he got it after the Oscar snub.  Scuttlebutt is he’s a big fat cheater but I choose not to believe it because him and Jen are so darn cute.  

**Best TV series comedy – Girls/Lena Dunham win.  Sorry, I’m still distracted by her shuffling.  Her stylist totally fucked her.

SIDEBAR – It’s that damn Pepsi commercial again.  I count 6 times in this broadcast!   

**Best Actor in motion picture comedy – Jennifer Garner presenting and I think she’s lovely but I loathe dresses with bows, especially prominent bows.  I’m totally rooting for Bradley Cooper but pretty sure Wolverine has this one.  (He does)   

SIDEBAR – Damn you, TWOP!  You stole my shit!  I thought I was brilliant for thinking of that superhero crap!  You did remember TwoFace and Sabretooth though.   

SIDEBAR – Steven Pasquale commercial for his new show.  He was so damn groovy in Rescue Me and for that alone I will be giving his new show a chance.   

**Best Actress in motion picture drama – could Helen Mirren be anymore freaking beautiful?   

 - Every time they cut to Mel Gibson, his mouth is open.  Sinuses?  (I KILL me!)   

**Best Actor in motion picture drama – Please, Daniel Day Lewis has this and the Oscars in the bag.   

SIDEBAR – Eight times now for that damn Pepsi commercial.   

**Best Motion picture drama – Sorry to the haters, but I love Julia Roberts.  Not for Pretty Woman or Erin Brockovich but for Satisfaction.  I say Les Mis or Lincoln will take it but I’d really like to see Argo win it.  Hey, it did!  Go Argo! 

It's almost Oscar time!!!!

xo Dawn Wendy

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