Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Beginnings

So I'm really excited to start our new blog!!! I'm getting to be creative with 3 women I adore and I allowing you all in to my crazy, chaotic life!!!

 I am hoping you all will stop in often and see what's on our minds and chime in.  My partners in crime are hilarious and we love to talk, and talk and talk. 

 I am hoping we all get to talk about things we are needing to figure out, share our secrets on how to make it through the day, LAUGH, gossip about the hot topics of the day, LAUGH, share recipes, LAUGH, talk about kids and  significant others. LAUGH, figure out how to be 40 and fabulous.....the list goes on and on!!!! 

So put the kids to bed or in front of the tv, grab a glass of wine and join us!!!!

Nicci Wendy

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