Thursday, March 21, 2013


Really Mary? Must we really go through this again? The Sunday, make that EVERY-SINGLE-Sunday night, mental stoning you give yourself?

- I will eat better.
- I will work out.
- I will drink all my water.
- I will get my house completely clean and laundry done.
- I will have dinner ready when Rob gets home.
- I will not yell at my kids and be pleasant to everyone I see.
- I will have a freshly baked, healthy snack ready when the kids get home on the bus. (okay confession this isn't an every Sunday night thought... it's only occasionally)

Why? Why do I get so jazzed up about Mondays? 
Like they are these magical "reset" button days. 
They aren't... in fact, they are starting to feel like the "go-ahead-and-suck-yet-another-week-of-your-life-Mary" days. 
Yes, this seems harsh. However, I cannot be the only person that feels this way?  If I thought I was, I wouldn't have the cajones to put this out there. 

I realize that in light of recent days, I need to give myself some grace. A lot more grace to be more specific. 
I need to get a handle on my expectations for myself, expectations for my family and expectations for the world I live in. 
I need to remember that life is precious and short. The size of my pants is so completely irrelevant. 

I think as I crawl into bed tonight, I will do something different that my usual Sunday night routine.
I will go to bed being grateful for where I am tonight, rather than planning how I can be better, tomorrow, on Monday. 

- Grateful that Rob made a scrumptious soup for dinner tonight. 
- Grateful that we all sat down, said our meal prayer and ate together. (more rare these days than I like)
- Grateful that my little girl seems to be working through this nasty virus. 
- Grateful that we have a home to live in, cracked windows, crappy yard and all.
- Grateful all of my kids are safe and sound in their beds.
I repeat - Extremely grateful all of my kids are safe and sound in their beds.

I'll deal with my high-expectations, tomorrow, on Monday... 

peace out - Mary Wendy

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