Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet the Wendys

Dani- aka Cougarella:
At 4'11" tall, with my weight typically hovering in the high 120's (all-time adult low 113 lbs and all-time high 130 lbs) I have been described as "stocky" and "thick", compared to a French bulldog, and as a little girl my family's nickname for me was "Hamhocks". If I work really hard I can keep my weight in the low 120's, but I fall down over and over again. I love to cook, I have a sweet tooth, and I have a much younger-than-me sweetie with a taste for meat, potatoes, whole milk and cheese, and a racehorse metabolism. Fortunately, I love to play and I'm a practitioner of Bikram yoga. It is a constant challenge. Another of my challenges is that I changed careers when I was 37 years old and am now in my first year as a Graduate Gemologist, earning a lower salary than I have in many years. Negotiating a relationship with a younger man, yoga, gemstones, work, budgeting and creative DIY solutions to expensive problems are always on topic!

Dawn - aka Dawny

Mother of two pretty cool boys, married since 1998.  I've been a social worker most of my life and truly believe that I was put on this Earth to serve those less fortunate.  I'm not witty or funny like my other three lovelies on here but I will give it a try!  I tend to talk too much about my children, my television viewing habits, along with a few soapboxes thrown in.  I'm a major pop culture junkie and will talk your ear off about the 2011 Oscars because I was in the bleachers for the red carpet! I'm an unashamed nerd and teach my children to embrace their nerdiness as one day, those that mock them will work for them.

Nicci- akaMommy Cole 
Mother of 4 adopted Punkies! Adopted through foster care and all 4 are "special needs". Lived in Bay Area for almost 20 years, moved to So Cal then up to the Great Northwest a couple of years ago.  Did sales and education for a sex toy company for many years before becoming a stay at home Mommy! I'm inviting you into my world sit back and enjoy the ride!

Mary:- aka Scary Mary. 
MOther of 6 yr old twins and a 15 year old son. Before I was a wife and mom,. I was a procurement and contracts manager for a large privately owned Engineering and construction company; I wore cute clothes, fell in love, had an office that looked out on the San Francisco Bay and traveled until my heart was content. After the twins were born, we made the conscious decision to leave the big city and raise our kids in a sleepy little town in Wyoming, with me as a stay at home mom. These are my stories.

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