Thursday, March 21, 2013

Resolutions-Good and Bad

So far, not so good on my New Year resolution to drink milk and avoid becoming a bone-fragile tiny hunched over little Asian lady in my older years. I tried switching my morning coffee with soy cream to a half-coffee, half nonfat milk cafe au lait. That lasted for four days. I just don't like drinking milk, I hate the taste and consistency, so I have to abandon this and make another plan to get calcium. 

But I've been doing well on this resolution: to prepare for my morning routine the night before. The goal is to get ready quickly but in a relaxed, unhurried manner. The benefit is a relaxed, unhurried morning, with outfit already chosen and no hunting for keys, wallets or a particular necklace. No snapping at my boyfriend because I'm stressed. No leaving messy hair appliances and products on the bathroom counter to deal with when I come home! 

At night I choose my outfit for the next day. Every single item I'll be putting on, from undergarments and hosiery to my coat and shoes gets chosen and hung together. It doesn't take long. The way I make sure it doesn't take long is by constantly purging my clothes so that every single thing in my closet actually fits and is something I actually like. (I will explain this clothing system in another post this month!)  Then I make sure my keys are on our little key holder. I pack my lunch and place the lunch bag at the front of the refrigerator. I fill my water bottle with 12 oz of water and place it on the bathroom counter. 

The next day, I wake between 6:00 am and 6:15 am and start the coffee. (There is 15 minutes grace period for "snooze".) I shower fairly quickly (only three beauty products on weekdays-- soap, Wen hair cleansing conditioner, and face wash!). Then body lotion and face lotion.  I go get my coffee, bring it to the bathroom and then dry and style my hair. I have to drink the 12 oz of water while styling my hair, too. (This is a reasonable water drinking goal for me for the first hour of the day... anything more would be too ambitious and I would fail.) I apply at least foundation, bronzer and blush to my face so I don't leave the house looking like a baby albino rat. (I do eyeshadow and mascara on the train.) After my hair is styled, I put away my makeup,blowdryer and brush and quickly wipe down the bathroom counter and sweep up anyhairs that have fallen out of my head onto the floor with the same paper towel. Now my bathroom is clean! I then take my coffee cup and water bottle to the kitchen and  rinse the bottle out

Then, depending on the time, I go eat a small breakfast like a banana ifthere isn't much time, and a more elaborate breakfast if there is more time. I sit at the table with Jake and we talk a little. Then it's time to dress and go. It takes me around 7-10 minutes to drive to the train station, but I leave 17-25 minutes before the train arrives. That leavestime to drive safely, not be a crazy driver,  hit all the red lights and not get road rage, etc. Time to relax. Finally I get to the train station. If I'm on time, I park and go immediately to the platform. If I'm early, I apply eyeshadow and mascara in my car. If I'm REALLY early, I'll also do a quick 2-5 minute clean up of my car, throwing out papers and any disposable drink cups and  dusting the dashboard and such with a microfiber cloth that is in my glove compartment. 

The key is consistency and discipline. It feels REALLY good to get this organized in the morning, especially if you have a job where a lot of weird things get thrown at you throughout the day and you have to fly by the seat of your pants and duck and dodge all sorts of situations. I love routines; they make me happy! And I love coming home to a clean bathroom!

xo Dani Wendy

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